1 Profiling the ideal partner or client

  • Where do you want more partners or clients? (Country, Region and/or City)
  • Who are the key contacts that should view your solution?
  • What are the key qualifying questions you would like answered?

2 Developing the dream list

  • Based on your ideal client/partner profile, Pentonian builds a database matching your criteria.

3 Getting you in front of the right expert

  • Our existing relationships and best practices will give you proper opportunitiy positioning to the right executives.

4 Formalizing the partnership

  • Pentonian cultivates interested and weeds out disinterested prospects
  • Prospects delivered with detailed contact and information profiles.
  • Expert to Expert meetings arranged.
  • Pentonian facilitates until the deal is closed.

Because strong and profitable relationships between companies require an expert from each side, Pentonian is the portal to every strategic decision maker on your client/partner "dream list". Our professionals provide market insight and identify and connect you with the right key contacts. At Pentonian we specialize in matching Experts to Experts worldwide in order to improve operations, create efficiencies and gain market research insight for developing businesses and financial institutions.

Best Practices and Methodology
Pentonian goes beyond exposing your company to the right expert. After identifying potential prospects, Pentonian professionals make the first contact and present them with the benefits of working you're your company. Only with the experts' permission and after further qualification, we will facilitate an introduction and meeting. The ultimate results is a synergistic result of giving the financial expert the solution that they need and the reference client that any company would covet.  

Worldwide Coverage
Pentonian is striving to build the largest network of financial institution experts worldwide. We are dedicated to reaching the necessary experts to facilitate our best practices and methodologies from Atlanta to Zurich.