We love being marketing's best friend. Here is how we help marketing surpass their objectives.

Market Research/Prospect Profiling
What competitive products do they use? When do they plan on making changes? Are they satisfied? Pentonian helps you understand your prospects/customers by getting to key contacts and getting your dream list of questions answered.

New Product/Market Validation
What is your target market sweet spot? Curious about a new vertical niche or market? Want to test the waters before committing full marketing and sales resources? Does your market think of your new product? Pentonian is a fast and efficient team to answer these questions with our product/market validation team.

Email Campaigns
Pentonian builds opt-in email campaigns. Email can be a powerful or an annoying marketing tool. Email can be a wonderful marketing tool if your desired key contact gives you permission to email pertinent information that helps them do their job.

Direct Mail Accuracy
Do you have the right key contact? Do they still work there? Is the address correct? Are you getting optimal results from your direct mail campaigns? Pentonian has helped assist hundreds of direct marketing campaigns. Even newly purchased lists average over 10% in accuracies in name, address and phone number information.

Maximizing Trade Show Appearances
Do all attendees know who you are and how you can help them? Would you like to help guarantee and schedule traffic and meetings to your booth? Pentonian helps add the temporary marketing bandwidth needed for key seasonal shows. Pentonian specializes in contacting each preferred attendee and asking qualifying questions. If favorable, qualified prospects are then scheduled for presentations at your booth.

Please keep in mind that we can answer all of these questions not only in the United States but in over 60 countries across the world. Contact us to learn more results@pentonian.com or 952-404-9912.