Because companies evolve, Pentonian formed a Financial Services Group to exclusively serve financial institutions and the companies that wish to help them. A dedicated focus on banking and credit union markets enables Pentonian to give access to over 10,000 key decision makers in the financial field.    

  • Pentonian helps provide best-of-breed solutions for financial institutions and grow the sales of companies that deserve recommendation.
  • A group of marketing experts researching, validating and promoting best of breed technologies and services for the financial industry world wide.

Why focus on financial services industry?
Pentonian began as an international business development consultancy. We've had many great success stories in a variety of channels in the United States and across the world. However, as one of our trusted advisors observed, focusing on a niche allows for deeper relationships; deeper relationships help accelerate the sales cycle. There is no better way to determine a need more quickly than with a relationship; they are golden to the sales process. By carefully selecting best-of-breed solutions, we earn the trust and respect of the key decision makers. By earning that trust and respect, we are able to quickly measure need and sales potential. By focusing on financial institutions, we are building solid relationships and becoming a trusted advisor for this niche.

Pentonian matches experts to experts worldwide in order to improve operations and gain market research insight for developing businesses and financial institutions. Find out more about our E2E Methodology

Pentonian takes care of time-consuming research, prospecting and networking needed for developing businesses and financial institutions. Find out more about our Research Methodology