The Client: Ember
Ember is Canadian-based company that serves the rapidly-evolving, multi-billion dollar global market for banking compliance.  HeatShield is the leading Governance, Risk and Compliance management (GRCM) solution for complex, large-scale organizations. Using a COSO-based, holistic approach, .HeatShield is the only GRCM solution capable of managing all components of the COSO stack from the Internal Environment right down to Monitoring for multi-jurisdictional, multi-divisional enterprises.   In other words, if you care about banking compliance then Ember can quickly become your best friend.  

The Challenge
Ember designed HeatShield on behalf of one of the world's largest banks.   It began marketing its efforts to the top 25 banks.   Ember wanted to test the mid- to large-size market but was virtually unknown in the United States and lacked the marketing and sales bandwidth to quickly reach out to banks.

The Pentonian Solution
Pentonian leveraged its relationships with all banks ranging from $1 billion to $50 billion in assets.    

"Pentonian delivered the relationships we needed to validate our products and build a proper sales pipeline. They are a fantastic group."
Innocenzo Lippa, EVP
Sales and Marketing, Ember

The Results
Within two months, Pentonian had produced over 30 meetings with key contacts. The result was strategic marketing intelligence on price point, product positioning, etc. and a new sales pipeline being led with a top 50 bank signing within three months.