Pentonian, Inc., was started in 1998 by Thomas Penton. Thomas is formerly with Gartner, a leading researcher and advisor of information technology. Thomas was helping lead the international sales efforts for Gartner. Pentonian is the result of combining the passion for business development along with technology.  

Pentonian sees the world this way: you have good companies needing good technology and related services to get business done. Pentonian's expertise is matching the relevant experts to improve operations and profits. On one side, Pentonian strives to be a trusted advisor to bring best-of-breed solutions needed by its network of decision makers. On the other side, Pentonian helps validate and increase the sales of solutions that deserve recommendation. VP of Sales and Marketing love us for our ability to hand over sales opportunities and supply valuable market intelligence. Clients love us for our ability to bring best-of-breed solutions to the table on a permission/needs-basis only.  

The bottom line is nobody likes to get pitched, especially when there is no need. If there is no need, then we are wasting time. How to efficiently and respectfully determine a need and create and present opportunities is Pentonian's core expertise.